Cruise to Bimini or Freeport

Bimini or Freeport Bahamas cruise

crystal clear Bimini beach water

2 night Bahamas cruise to
Freeport, Bahamas from Cruise Port of Palm Beach
Bimini, Bahamas from Port Everglades, Florida.

There are places on Bimini so quiet and peacful. There are other places on Bimini so full of fun in the sun and in the water.

2 night cruise to Freeport for as low as $129

2 night Bahamas cruise

2 night cruise from Palm Beach

Come on and enjoy a 2 night cruise to the tropical Island of Freeport Bahamas for as low as $129. Call an angent today, 954-969-0069. Royal treatment awaits you aboard Regal Bahama Cruises. All aboard! Regal Bahama Cruises sets sail for Freeport Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas from Port of Palm Beach Florida. Bahamas Cruise is an affordable cruise for the entire family. You and your family will enjoying fine dining, entertainment, Las Vegas style casino, pool, staterooms, children's programs, Captains reception and a full service Spa! Don't forget about our longer 3, 4 and 7 day cruise to the Bahamas. Including Disney Cruise Line, now sailing from Miami offering 3 and 4 night cruises. We also book Hotel stays, of any length, anywhere in the World

2 day cruise Grand Classica from Cruise Port of Palm Beach

Regal Bahama 2 day cruise

Regal Bahama Cruise, 2 night Caribbean cruises, are a great mini getaway. It is all of the fun of a longer cruise and island visit without a big expense or time commitment. Regal Bahama Cruise We have several levels of cabins that are easy for you to choose from. Tight budget, no worries mate we have prices to match that budget

Do you have a big family, we have the beds. If you are trying to make a big impression, ask about our luxurious suites. With her sleek bowed hull, tiered aft decks and traditional charm, the Regal Bahama Cruise has been updated with all of the modern services and amenities

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Bimini Hilton Bahamas Cruise to Stay™

2 night Cruise to Stay™

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  • Take the 2 night Cruise to Stay™ in Freeport Bahamas for 2 nights
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Even with additions including Veranda Suites, a Kid's Clubs , careful attention was paid to maintaining the vintage features and ambiance of its long history. These include rich wood paneling, brass fixtures, enclosed promenade, the elegant main dining room and a number of very large staterooms.

The four delicious dining options include a classic American restaurant, serving five-course meals from a broad menu, an all-you-can-eat Brazilian-style steakhouse and buffet and a casual Italian restaurant, all as part of the cruise price. For individuals looking for more upscale dining, the elegant and romantic Cove Restaurant is available at an additional cost.

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2 night Bahamas cruise

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Cruise ports in South Florida, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach

1, & 2 night Bahamas cruises

An exciting 1 day cruises and two 2 night cruises to the Bahamas from South Florida

Whether you live in south Florida or taking the much needed family vacation here, you have a great way of seeing the tropical islands of the Bahamas in a mini getaway trip. Your vacation to south Florida can start or end with the perfect 1 day getaway to a tropical island in the Bahamas for around $99.

South Florida cruise Ports

We have 2 ways to see 2 different Bahama islands and it only takes 1 day. Try the 1 day cruise to Freeport, Grand Bahama Island from the Fort Lauderdale cruise port. The new 2 night Cruise to Stay in Bimini, Bahamas from Cruise Port of Miami has been available since August of 2013.

If you need more time to explore the Bahamas or simply want to stay for one, two or more night, you can Cruise to Stay on either Bahama Island. Ask the agent, 954-969-0069 to help you choose one of our exciting Grand Bahama or Bimini resort packages.

Bahamas Shuttle boat to Freeport from Fort Lauderdale

1 day Freeport cruise

one day cruise to BahamasOn the 1 day cruise to Freeport Grand Bahamas, your day starts in Fort Lauderdale’s cruise Port Everglades. You will need to get there by no later than 6:30 am. A quick 3 hours later, you are in the Beautiful island of Grand Bahama where the tropical feel sets in the minute you sink your feet into the soft sand at the beach. Enjoy the Bahamian food, including conch fritters and conch salad and the local beer.

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Here is a quick rundown and Itinerary of the day in Grand Bahama Island.

fort lauderdale airport shuttle

Check in starts at 5:30 am and the doors close at 7: 00 am
So get to Port Everglages no later than 6:30 am
Leaves from Fort Lauderdale at 8:00 AM
Gets to Freeport Grand Bahama by 12:00 PM
Leaves Freeport at 6:30PM
Returns to Fort Lauderdale at 10:00 PM
Call one of our friendly agents at 954-969-0069

Miami to Bimini cruise

1 day Bimini cruise from Miami

2 day bahamas cruises

Can also be a 2 night Cruise to Stay in Bimini. cruise from Miami to Bimini

Miami to Bimini day cruise

With World-Class Service from our international crew, you will have a memorable experience in our restaurants, bars and other facilities on the ship. Call 954-969-0069

The Miami Casino & Resorts World Casino- Whether you're playing out at sea or ashore, you'll experience world-class casino gaming with live action table gaming, the hottest slot machines and a sports book to bet on all your favorite teams.
Checkin starts at 5:30 am.
You must arrive at Cruise Port of Miami no later than 8:00 am
The terminal doors close promptly at 8 am
Leaves Miami at 9:00 am
Gets to Bimini, Bahamas at 11:00 am
Leaves Bimini at 6:00 pm
Gets to Port of Miami at 8:00 pm

Bimini Day Cruise

2 Day Cruise to Stay™ in Freeport, Bahamas

2 Day Cruise to Stay™ in Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas

Hello, I'm Jay Taylor and these are hotels
I enjoy when I go to Freeport Grand Bahama Island.

Flamingo Bay Hotel and Marina share the Property with Taino Beach Resort, combined this is one of my Favorite places to stay and play. Taino Beach has a nice quaint restaurant that has seating on the Ocean and the scenery seems surreal.

The pool at Flamingo Bay Hotel and Marina is super large, shapeless and has a cove - cave bar inside it. The cave, swim up bar is a great way to get out from under the sun and enjoy a cool tropical drink.

Another great spot for me is, Our Lucaya Oceanfront Resort and Casino. This resort has great pools and one even has a swim up bar, ( i guess I like swim up bars).

For the romantic lover out there we have Pelican Bay Resort. Love the style of the rooms. Besides being warm and romantic, these rooms are what I would build for myself at home. It's not oceanfront, but it is on the bay and just across the street from the ocean.

More info on the Hotels, Resorts and activities:

  1. Our Lucaya Oceanfront Resort and Casino
  2. Taino and Flamingo Beach Resorts
  3. Pelican Bay resort
  5. Swim with Dolphins video
  6. See all the hotels in Freeport Bahamas

1, 2, 3 or more night cruise and stay

Grand Bahamas Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach ResortViva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort, is Oceanfront and is All Inclusive. This property is a good choice for water sports tennis and other active stuff. The property itself is just OK by me. It is hard to beat a good old fashioned All Inclusive place and this is it. Yes, there are other hotels on the Island, but for me, they are just not close enough to all the fun that is the area of Lucaya. A tropical island near Florida's south coast, called Grand Bahama Island, that has this all inclusive property includes meals, alcoholic, soft drinks and loads of water sport fun! called Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach and includes:

  • Water activities including snorkeling and windsurfing.
  • The Beach Bar offers cocktails to guests by the outdoor pool or on the beach.
  • Food at 3 restaurants
  • Oceanfront swimming Pool

Billy Joes on the beach grand bahama island At one end of the Our Lucaya property is a small shack that serves up freshly caught sea food and old fashioned hamburgers and hotdogs called, Billy Joe's On the Beach. The owner at Billy Joe's On the Beach, used to walk around barefoot, I never asked why he started to put his sandals on. From time to time, they will have a live band, right there oceanfront and center. So, enjoy your super fresh conch salad, sip that icy tropical drink, listen to that island music and never want to go home.

Noswim with dolfins one can leave the island without taking a dolphin on a swim date. Swim with the dolphins is one of the most popular things to do on the Island.