Regal Bahamas Cruise two night cruise to Nassau - Paradise Island

Children's Programs
Depature Dates
Day in Nassau
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Las Vegas Style Casino
If you what las vegas style casino with the flare of Monte Carlo, then you'll feel at home in the Monte Carlo Casino, aboard the Regal Bahama Cruise.
Regal Bahamas Cruise Las Vegas Style Casino

Children's Programs
The kids have had so much fun in the programs, they may not want to go home. Just the thing you need to get away for a few hours and get to know your spouse again.
Regal Bahamas Cruise  Children's Programs

Fine Dining
People keep telling us over and over how good the food is, but that has not stopped the chefs from trying harder.
Regal Bahama Cruise dining

Depature Dates ||| Itinerary ||| Image Gallery
Regal Bahama Cruise's Ships passenger capacity is 1180 an international crew compliment of 391. The vessel's cruising speed is 17 knots, gross tonnage is 21.909 tons and she measures 610 feet in length.
Regal Bahama Cruise

We want to keep you very busy. We jam pack our days with fun things to do and good shows. Some people still sit or lay by the pool and just relax.
Regal Bahama Cruise casino

Spend the day in Nassau and Paradise Island
Too many things to do on Nassau and Paradise Island in one day, you may want to join us again and thats OK with us.
Regal Bahama Cruise Nassau paradise Island

Roomy Cabins ||| Deck Plan
Whether you get the two room suite, the spacious oceanview cabin or even the cozy but roomy inside cabin, you will be comfortable in either one you choose.
Regal Bahama Cruise cabins

Feel the splendor of the Spa
Decisions, decisions, to lay on the beach, by the pool or to get a massage at the Spa on board. ask for a tour of the spa to convince yourself.
Regal Bahama Cruise spa

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